What One Can Discover in the Breakroom

I was in the break room this morning waiting for the clock to turn the magic 7:53 so I could swipe in. There was a mark. magalog on the table. For those of you who don't know mark., it is an AVON spin-off geared towards teens and college aged gals.

As I was paging through, I came across this product:

It comes in just 4 colors and I'd like you to look closely at the colors... Don't they look an awful lot like Osmosis Seasons?!

No, I'm not thinking they ripped me off!

What I'm thinking is what a great idea... Go ahead and try it! There is no reason why you can't use your Seasons as blush.

The other product I came across is this:

I've been meaning to try a lip tint and I may check into this one. The thing about a lip tint, is that it stains your skin and does pretty much nothing else. I think this would be great under any flavor of the clear glosses. The color would last a long time and you would still be able to use your favorite Osmosis lip gloss!

If you want to see more of mark. - go to www.meetmark.com


  1. They got nothing on your winter! :)

  2. Thanks, Libbie! Let me know if you try it on your cheeks sometime.

  3. I love experiementing with new products ... my 13-year-old daughter would probably steal these from me in a second if I bought them! ;0)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog this week. Discouragement is so easy to give in to(temporarily) as a parent. And yes, looking down the road too far, can be dangerous. I keep trying to remember that God is ultimately in control, not me. And thank goodness for that! ;0)

  4. Oh, I just ordered the tint for your cheeks product. Got it in the mail today!