Though still enjoying the prospects of playing with more lotion recipes, I doubt if any will ever be released as an Osmosis product... I have also decided to not add Osmosis sales to anymore local shops...

Over the past couple months, I have been feeling more and more discouraged about the Osmosis business.

I have not had a lot of orders, which is understandable since a lot of people got a fresh tube for Christmas. This stuff is so good, you don't have to re-apply every five minutes - which also means you don't need to buy a new tube every week. I am okay with this and it's why I wanted to create the business, so I could share a great product with you.

My main form of discouragement seems to creep up in the form of worries.

  • I will file my first Schedule C with the IRS this year. This gives me heartburn. I know there are lots of resources out there to help with taxes and, really, I should just call and make an appointment. There is a little bit of pride creeping in with the taxes... we've always done them ourselves. It bugs me that I can't figure this out myself. Well, I could figure it out by following the directions... but I won't be certain that I've done it the right way unless I ask for professional help.

  • The prospect of adding lotion to my product line has caused me to do some additional reading. There are so many things in lotion making that complicates the whole process. There is a greater risk of liability because of the risk of nasties growing in the lotion. There is huge debates regarding the use of preservatives and the different types of preservatives. The last thing I want is for anyone to get sick from using any of my products.

I do want to clarify why I set out to create this business. I did not go into it thinking, "Oh, won't it be fun to make lip balm all day and sell it online and in local shops?!" I went into it thinking, "I want to make this recipe available to others because I believe in it." It became too expensive for me to just keep handing out lip balm to everyone and I realized that I needed to be compensated for my supplies and my time.

Now, with the discovery of my new favorite lotion recipes, I feel the same as before. I just want others to experience what a good lotion does for dry skin. However, I do hesitate greatly before proceeding to a new product.

At this point, I will continue to take orders for Osmosis Lip Products. I do know there are those of you who really love it! I am so glad that you do!

I will continue to read and do research about the prospects of expanding to lotion, but it will take time. If I do decide to start selling the lotions, I will have that information posted on this blog.

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