Did You Get Osmosis for Christmas?

Lip balm is a favorite stocking stuffer for Santa. Everyone needs it and it fits so nicely in the stockings.
I happen to know that Santa picked up some Osmosis from me just for this purpose and I'm wondering if anyone who found it in their stockings (or wrapped as a gift) have wandered here to my blog to find out more about Osmosis.

If you are here for the first time... Welcome!
I started to keep this blog back in May. It's a fun way for me to document the happenings of my little business. If you go back to those first posts from May, you find some background info on how I got started making lip balm and why I call my brand Osmosis.

What I love best about Osmosis is that it doesn't just sit on my lips and keep the dry air away like many commercial brands. Because Castor oil is the main ingredient, moisture is actually being drawn to my lips when I wear Osmosis. You see Castor oil is a humectant. A humectant is a substance that draws moisture from the air to it and holds it there.

Here is a list of my favorite ingredients and why I use them:
  • Castor Oil : a humectant made from the oil of the Castor bean
  • Jojoba Oil: a liquid wax from the jojoba seed, absorbed easily by the skin (pronounce ho-HO-ba)
  • Cocoa Butter: a stable fat from the cacao bean (the same bean we get chocolate from)
  • Shea Butter: an emollient oil from the Shea tree nut
  • Honey: thought to be a humectant and used medicinally throughout the ages
  • Vitamin E: an anti-oxidant that helps to extend the life of the product by keeping the oils and fats from oxidizing (going rancid)

Osmosis is free of preservatives and petroleum-based ingredients. I cannot call them vegan because the honey and beeswax are technically from an animal. I cannot tell you the percentage of the product that is organic, however some of my suppliers do send organic ingredients.

A note on shelf-life:

Osmosis is made in small batches by hand. I do not "stock" my lip balms because I want them to be made with the freshest ingredients. All of my balms and glosses are dated on the bottom of the tube. The date on the bottom of the tube refers to the date on which it was made.

The shelf-life of your Osmosis will depend on how it is used and stored. To extend the life of the product, store it in a cool, dark location. Some users have told me they even keep it in the fridge (especially the clear glosses).

If the consistency or smell of the product changes, please discard and purchase a new one. The main problem will be with the oils going rancid. Bacteria is not likely to grow because they need water to grow and Osmosis does not contain water. Despite the lack of water, it is not recommended that you share your Osmosis to avoid the spread of germs.

I have some tubes of Osmosis that are still good after a year, and others that changed after a few months. Play it safe and replace as soon as the consistency and smell changes.

I truly hope you enjoy using Osmosis. I'm open to all of your comments. Please leave them in the comments space on the side bar to the left.

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Thanks for visiting and check back again to see what's happening at Osmosis!

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