Be Patient!

I am waiting - on this cold, blustery, snowy Winter day - for the UPS man.

I know he's coming because the tracking email told me my package was out for delivery.

Why is it that it is so hard to wait, especially since I know it's on it's way?

If I could tell my dog, she'd be sitting by the door waiting, too.

He's a good UPS man. He ALWAYS remembers to bring her a treat. And believe me, she knows it! She hears him toot the horn as he backs into the driveway and she races me to the door.

The problem with today, is that it's cold, blustery, and snowy. Mix it all together and you get a winter weather advisory at minimum, a blizzard at worst. And I know the roads are bad because I was foolishly driving on them today (I had to head to Staples for more labels!)

In the box on it's way to me will be a variety of packaging for new products. You see, I have it in my head to try my hand at creating a solid lotion for Osmosis. I did experiment with one recipe while my sister was here for Christmas. She took that sample home with her. I'm not sold on that recipe and will be working to perfect a recipe that will keep my hands from drying out during the cold months here in Minnesota.

In the meantime, I sit and wait... wondering if my box will even make it to me today.

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  1. My box of goodies did arrive that day. It was exciting, except that they had goofed on the order and sent an incorrect container. I'm hoping they will be able to send out the correct container soon!
    In the meantime, I found some tiny containers at the dollar store for me to pour my experiments into. Once I figure out which one I like best, then I'll try out the packaging.