It's 2016!

Dear Osmosis Customers,

It's been a looong time since I've updated this blog.  It took me a couple tries to get the password right!

Looking back at my old posts, it appears I first posted in 2009.  At that time I had been perfecting my formulas over a year and was getting ready for my first Craft Show.  Seven years have gone by and I haven't missed the annual Mayo Clinic Employees Craft Show for six of them... even though I came close a couple times!  Remember the year my supplies came the afternoon before the show and I pulled an all-nighter?  Remember the time(s) I forgot to register for my table and had to wait on the stand-by list? And last year.  Last year, I didn't have as many choices for you because we were in the middle of moving.

This year.  This year, I just can't.  I have to say no.  We are in the middle of renovating our new house and the kitchen is gutted.  And life.  I have two teenage boys who have kept me busy since school started.  I had hoped for a reprieve at the beginning of November, but it didn't happen.  I thought I could take my supplies to someone else's kitchen and make it there.  I just can't.  There isn't time.  It took me until just today to concede.  I won't be at the Craft Show.

I'm sorry.

I know there are some customers that look for me each year at the Craft Show.  If you need your Osmosis, please reach out to me by email.  I do have a small stash left over from last year.  I will work out a deal with you if I can!

I will keep my eye out for a good Craft Show in the Spring and see what I can do to get some product together by then.  I'm praying this kitchen reno will be done by Christmas!

You can reach me at osmosis4lips@gmail.com

With Warm Regards,

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