What's New Fall 2012?

There are a few changes I've made this year to what I'm offering at the craft fairs.  Here's the run down:

  • The ingredients list has been revised to comply with INCI 2nd edition guidelines.  This mostly impacts the name used for Vitamin E (tocopheryl acetate) and the names used for colorants.
  • I've created a new vegan formula and have changed Relief to this formula and also added Lavenilla.  Both of these use essential oils.  You'll know they're different by their green caps.
  • Spring has been changed by using a different colorant.  It is now a almost nude, sheer pink with no sparkle.
  • Summer has been removed from the line temporarily to be redesigned.
  • Shimmer has been added to the line.  Shimmer just adds sparkle, but no color.  It works great over other colors of any lip product you use.  For this reason, it is unscented.
  • Pink Poppy has been replaced by Cupcake.  Cupcake is sheerer and more pink than coral, but has lots of sparkle.  It has a frosting flavor.
  • Stellar Bronze has been added to the line.  It is a sheer chocolate brown with lots of sparkle.  It has a hazelnut latte flavor.
  • Sweetener (stevia) has been removed from all of the colored glosses.
  • The new limited edition flavor this year is:  Pina Colada!!
If you've recently bought Osmosis lip balms or glosses and have questions, please feel free to send me an e-mail at osmosis4lips@gmail.com


  1. PL from Rochester, MNJanuary 9, 2014 at 7:49 PM

    I received one of your lip glosses in cupcake from a friend for Christmas and I love this stuff. It feels so good going on my lips, satiny smooth and it seems to keep them moisturized better than most products out there. A nice smell and pretty color. My favorite aspect is the texture on my lips and the lasting moisturizing effects. I want more colors :) Thank you for making these. I'm glad I discovered your product.

  2. Hi Sara,

    I was wondering if I could place an order for some more lip balm? I absolutely LOVE your relief lip balm and am in desperate need of 4 more. I also like your honey lip gloss. If you have 2 of those available I would like them too.

    Let me know how much I owe. Also, when/where we could meet or if you are going to be at a craft fair or another event. I'd be glad to go there to pick up everything.

    Thank you very much!! You are awesome!