Update & Thank You

I know, I know, it's been a while since I've posted on the goings on here at Osmosis.
When I last posted, I was wavering on where I wanted Osmosis to go.
I had a lot of fear and anxiety.
I had made a commitment to do the winter craft shows.  I wanted to see if anyone came back for more.

My table at the Redeemer Holiday Bazaar November 13, 2010

I had 2 craft fairs in November.  The first was the Mayo Clinic Craft Fair on November 6, 2010.  This was my second year selling at this fair.  You can see how last year went here.  I had a prime spot for my table...  one table away from the entrance.  I had people coming and going.  I'm sure this affected my sales and feel blessed by my location.  I sold a whole lot more than last year!  Last year I sold about 50 tubes and this year I sold 113!  I had at least 5 people come specifically looking for me... I felt so honored!  It was a great day.

The second craft fair was a Holiday Bazaar held at Redeemer Lutheran Church.  I like to have a small show after the Mayo Craft Fair because I anticipate having plenty left over and hope that I can sell my stock at the second show.  What I didn't anticipate was actually running out of certain flavors at the first fair!  I needed to RE-stock the Honey Butter, Florida, Cookie Dough, Agave Sugar, and Winter.  I sold about 50 tubes at the Holiday Bazaar in addition to taking a few orders.  Again, there were return customers!

For the holidays, I again offered the limited time fragrances of Fall Spice and Cherry Soda.  Cherry Soda did very well, but Fall Spice didn't.  I may not bring Fall Spice back again next year.

I introduced a few new items at this year's shows.  There is a new flavor called Relief.  Relief is the only lip balm I make with essential oils.  Relief has rosemary essential oil along with a cherry flavor.  It reminds me of Carmex.  Rosemary essential oil has a medicinal scent to it which reminds some of Vick's Vapor Rub.  You can read more about Rosemary essential oil here.

Pink Poppy and Barely Blush Colored Glosses

Barely Blush and Pink Poppy were two new colored glosses I introduced.  These colors are more sheer than the original "Seasons" colored glosses.  Barely Blush is just that... barely a blush of glossy color.  It is flavored with vanilla.  Pink Poppy is sheer coral gloss inspired by my dear friend Josie Blaine.  It is flavored with cherry.  Barely Blush was a hit at the shows!

Glosses have clear domed caps.

Also new this year was my labels.  I decided to drop the No.1 and No.2 I had used previously to distinguish the balms from the glosses.  I now have my Osmosis logo on each tube.  I have transitioned to full size labels on the balm which have room to include the required FDA warning on them.  I plan to transition to full size clear labels on the colored glosses by next year's craft fairs.

Again, I am committing myself to participate in winter craft shows.  I got discouraged last year when I did not have customers seeking me during the course of the year.  I now know that some people just hadn't run out yet!  I also understand that it is much easier to pick up some Blistex while in the check out at Walmart.  My prayer is that I will continue to have return customers.  Of course, anyone can order, any time of year, through my Artfire shop using PayPal.  And don't forget that Osmosis is a great gift for your friends, family, teachers, etc.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported me in this small business endeavor.  I am so thankful for a husband and sons who support me by corralling themselves downstairs when I'm in the "lab" and for running for all of the things I ran out of, or forgot, when I was at the fairs.  I want to thank my mother-in-law, Joyce, and my sister, Holly, for helping me at the Mayo craft fair (for the much needed potty breaks and supplying me with food).  I want to thank my friends for stopping by my table to cheer me on.  I want to thank the customers that have returned because they love Osmosis.  You are the reason this small business still exists.


  1. Autumn stays, right? I am Autumn! I will always love Pink Poppy! And I will aaaallllwaaaays love you!

  2. Of course, Autumn stays... It's the #2 color after Winter!

  3. I am not through my suppy yet but there are some new flavs I should try soon! Looks like you are a hit! Fun to see your display & your new goodies!!!