Success at the Fairs

Last Friday, the 13th, I spent the day getting ready for my first craft fair. I had my table set up in time for dinner. I don't remember what I ate for dinner though... I was in a fog that day.... too many butterflies!

Thank the Lord that my sister, Holly, came to help keep an eye on my kids and, more importantly, an eye on me. She came up with the idea to use bed sheets for table covers. (She watches a lot of Create T.V.) She's generally more artistic than me too, so it was nice that she was there to approve my set up (and fix my Christmas tree). Thanks, Holly!

Saturday morning I was off to the civic center at 7:10am with my product and way too much change. The morning started off pretty slow and I did feel a little discouraged now and then. Eventually, the traffic picked up, yet the customers were not walking around with many bags. I hate to blame it on the economy because everything gets blamed on that...

My husband, mother-in-law, and sister came to relieve me with food and a much needed potty break. My mother-in-law, Joyce, is an excellent sales rep for Osmosis. She loves to chat with people and my table was always busiest when she was there. Thanks, Joyce!

All in all, it was a good day. I got my name out there and I've already had a few orders come in from those who bought that day or friends of people who bought that day. Hopefully, Osmosis will continue to grow from word of mouth. I did sell 50 tubes and 2 Season Packs that day.

I also had a winner for the drawing for the Osmosis bag and a Season Pack. Joan Bauer was so excited to win and she was an actual customer, too. Her daughter, Pat, picked up the prize for her yesterday. I hope you enjoy it, Joan!

As tired as I was at the end of Saturday, I knew I needed to prepare for my Sunday expo in Pine Island. (Not to mention getting ready to teach Sunday School in the morning.) My sister and I wound down by watching "The Proposal" and then I was off to bed.

Sunday's expo was much smaller and only a half day. It wasn't advertised extensively and it was the first time they had done it. It was a bargain for the table and I couldn't really pass it up. I had plenty of product to sell, too. I did manage to sell 10 tubes and 2 Season Packs at that expo. Plus, other "expo people" know who I am now and I get invitations to other expos. I have not decided if I want to continue with the expos yet. I'm ready for a little break from that.
Now, remember that I made over 250 tubes of Osmosis for these fairs! Don't worry about those! I had some orders waiting for me to fill after the fairs (one for 20 tubes, thanks Deanna!) Some people out there will be getting some pretty sweet stocking stuffers and Secret Santa gifts. I'll be sending out some surprise treats to some friends of Libbie's, too. Thanks, Libbie!

Let me know if you need anything for Christmas! I can always make more, but I have plenty in stock, too.

Thank you to every fan for spreading the word about Osmosis - God bless you all!

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  1. I am so excited to receive my order of Osmosis, and start plotting my stocking stuffers! Every Christmas, I hang stockings for all of my teammates, and they'll all get your lip balm this year! LUCKY!