Over the holiday weekend, I packed up all my supplies and headed to my mom's so we could attempt making soap for the first time!

This is not your ordinary cold-process bar soap... oh, no, I must be different!

We made liquid soap!

We used the Soap Queen's Castille Castor Soap Recipe. And followed her instructions from the e-book offered at Bramble Berry. I also consulted this book which was loaned to me from a friend (who will for sure be getting a sample of the soap!)

Mom took some pics of me in my lye-handling get-up:

The recipe is quite simple, however a lot of time goes into making liquid soap. A lot of time standing in the kitchen. A lot of time stirring, stirring, stirring. A loooonnngg time cooking.

I think we decided we won't do this again until Autumn, when we can let the cool breezes into the house. But, then again, we certainly would make more if we ran out!

So far, we've loved the soap for our hands and mom even washed some dishes with it and they came out squeaky clean. It does behave a little differently than what we've come to call soap these days. It does not get super bubbly and foamy. That's okay, bubbles and foam are not what clean your hands! Bubbles and foam help to dry them out!

I am looking forward to testing this soap over the next weeks! I can seriously foresee offering liquid soap at the craft fair this fall!


  1. So fun to see you at work!!! Love your kitchen :)

  2. That's mom's kitchen :) They live in an old farmhouse but are slowly remodeling.

  3. Wow! Good for you! That takes an incredible amount of patience!

  4. Fantastic! I am so glad that you got a successful batch of soap =) Yes, it is a lot of stirring but if you want to make it in bulk, the paste keeps for up to a year in the fridge so you'd just have to make it a yearly thing (like spring cleaning) =)