Osmosis Solid Lotion Trial

I had mentioned that I had been working on perfecting a recipe for a solid lotion. If successful, it may find a home in the product line at Osmosis.

I am ready to start a trial. If you are interested in helping me out by testing the solid lotion, please let me know by sending an e-mail to osmosis4lips@gmail.com

If you choose to participate, I will reply to your e-mail and include a an attachment. I will need you to complete the attached survey and sign the consent form/waiver.

It is important for you to understand that these products are in a trial stage. Although each separate ingredient should not cause a person harm, the combination of ingredients has not been tested by the FDA. By signing the consent/waiver, you remove all liability from Osmosis and its owner for any negative reactions caused directly or indirectly by the trial product.

Once I receive the completed survey and consent/waiver, you will be sent a trial size of the solid lotion recipe of my choice and asked to use it on your hands for 5-7 days while completing an additional survey. During this period you should not use any other lotion on your hands. If you have any adverse reaction to the product, you should discontinue use of the product immediately and report the reaction to Osmosis.

The initial trials by yours truly have not been conclusive so I can't wait to hear your input!


  1. How did the trial go? I hope good!

  2. So far it's going slow (and that's partly my fault for not sending the sample to the first participant very quickly). It is now in her hands and hopefully I will have more info after the next week or two.