Test Listing

I posted a test listing at my Artfire Studio today. Facebook Fans of Osmosis were encouraged to hop on over to the studio to pick up my test listing. The first fan to get there got free shipping! Congrats to Kelle for being a quick clicker!

The purpose of the test listing was to discover any glitches in the orders process. Kelle was very helpful and forwarded me an error message she got from PayPal. I think I may have that fixed, so keep your eyes peeled for more test listings! Facebook fans will get notification once the listing is up - so if you haven't fanned Osmosis yet, what are you waiting for?!

To get to the Artfire Studio, click on the Artfire link on this page. Or go to:http://www.artfire.com/modules.php?name=Shop&seller_id=38900

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