Spring Has Sprung!

It is official, Spring is here and here to stay! Spring is the second in my line of colored glosses. For those who have had their colors analyzed, you know the difference between Spring and Summer. Summer is in the "warm" family along with Fall. Spring is in the "cool" family along with Winter.

Summer is a warm shimmery color. It really works well with tan skin. I have heard it described as a coral beige. It is a light, young color. Summer's scent is a fruity, flowery scent - a top note of rose.

Spring is a cool, sheer pink. It has a blue undertone to it which gives it it's coolness. It is a fresh, light color. It almost matches my hydrangea exactly! Spring's scent is also a fruity, flowery scent, but a sweeter scent.

I am currently working on adding an Autumn and Winter to the collection. Once I get those perfected, I will let you know!

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