Summer with SPF

Say hello to Summer!

This girly lip gloss has a little bit of shimmer and color.

The biggest deal with this one is the sun protection factor. The active ingredient is Titanium Dioxide. At approximately 10%, this lip gloss has an SPF of between 8 and 11.
Titanium Dioxide is a mineral used as a sunblock because it refracts light and absorbs UV rays. It is a very common sunblock, even gentle enough to use in children's sunblocks - check some of your sunblock labels!
Because Titanium Dioxide is a white opaque mineral, I've added some mica for color and shimmer.
Sorry to the guys, I don't have a lip balm with SPF for you yet!


  1. You forgot to post the flavor, but I know it will be a good one!

  2. The flavor of Summer is like sipping a bahama mama in a rose garden. Imagine that!