Why Osmosis?

I love my Osmosis lip balm!  I should... it's the recipe I made just for me.

There were very few lip balms and glosses that I could use which didn't leave my lips feeling drier than when I put it on.  Is it a conspiracy from big business to keep you coming back for more and more and more???  Some people think so.  I can't say it worked on me though.  It just kept me looking for the perfect lip balm.  I had so many almost full tubes of balms that didn't work, that I was able to decorate my Osmosis Christmas tree with tissue wrapped tubes.  From trying so many different kinds, I figured out on my own that those with petroleum ingredients were the ones that bothered me the most.  I gave up Chapstick a looooong time ago.  Recently, Karley at Chic & Green did one of her famous What's in it Wednesday posts on Cherry Chapstick.  Go check it out!  You'll be surprised at what you learn.

A note on how long my Osmosis lasts me:  I have a tube of Honey Butter Balm that I use in my bathroom at bedtime and in the morning... basically just after I brush my teeth.  I just got to the bottom of my tube and I've been using it since the beginning of last summer.  In addition to that tube in the bathroom, I have a tube in my desk drawer at work and a tube in the car in the winter... I've never used up these tubes.  I throw away the one in the car as soon as it's warmed up too much outside to leave it in there any longer.  I also have a tube in my purse which is mostly used for kid emergencies.  Aside from religiously using lip balm morning and night, I really don't put much on my lips the rest of the day.  This hasn't always been the case... Osmosis is just that good... for me.

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  1. I am still using mine :) I had spring on yesterday but mostly the sheers these days :)