Getting Closer

I'm getting closer to getting this business up and running. I got my certificate of assumed name from the secretary of state this week. Since then, I've applied for my tax I.D. number (which is done online and quite fast). I dropped off my certificate of assumed name at a local paper so they could run it in the legal section. In about two weeks, it'll be official.

Behind the scenes, I'm getting ready to open my Artfire Studio. I've drafted my studio page and added my logo :) I'm doing some research on envelopes and mailing cost. I'm going to do my best to keep the shipping as low as I can... especially for such a small, inexpensive product.

I also continue to research about FDA regulations and taxes. Those are the scariest things about this whole lip balm business. There is so much to read and learn about. I hope I won't make too many mistakes, but I anticipate there will be some made.

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