Burt's Bees

Okay, so I found my tube of Burt's Bees and thought I'd give it a chance overnight. Brushed my teeth and then applied - like I do every night. The texture was definitely balmy and not glossy. For a second I thought I might have some real competition.

Then the fragrance (or flavor, if you can call it that) hit my nose. At first my brain really wanted to think it was the smell of honey, but one cannot outsmart one's sense of smell. I realized, as I lay in bed trying to fall asleep, that what I was smelling was reminding me of a popular deodorant scent often called powder fresh. I know lots of people love to use the baby powder scented deodorant and I am not knocking it. I personally don't care for the smell unless it is associated with a baby's cute behind. So right under my nose as I drifted off to la la land, was the smell of someones armpit... more specifically, right on my lips.

This morning I thought maybe it had been my imagination, or that all the fresh air from yesterday must have skewed my sense of smell. I attempted to give it another try (after brushing my teeth) but I popped off the cap and decided as it neared my nose that I needed to recap it. Agave Sugar it will be today, my friends.

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  1. I have to clarify. I tried the Burt's Bees HONEY... apparently there is a difference. I'm not going to spend the money to find out what it is though.